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29 Aug 2012

PhotoContest | China | Gabriel Leung | 7 Photos

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Gabriel Leung
Hong Kong

This body of photographic work was taken during my recent visit to Japan (Hiroshima, Setouchi, Tottori, Kyoto), a country who has experienced a long history of rebuilding and revitalization. The recent catastrophe has also shocked the world by its physical impact and the absence of visual evidence of radiation threat. These photographs depict traces of human lives while we continue to live among nature. We consume, build upon and modify nature in complex manners. As people leave their habitat, like those in Tohoku areas, this absence of the inhabitants remarks the history that they have left behind.

About the artist:
Gabriel Leung is a Chinese artist born and raised in Hong Kong. He has received a BFA in the United States and currently a MFA candidate at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, UK. Leung works in various mediums from drawing, photography to mixed media installations. Most of his works uses notions of photography as an apparatus to look at the world, dealing from the aesthetics, to the social and political.  He has lived and shown works in Hong Kong, Japan, Italy and the United States. Leung currently lives and works in Glasgow, UK.

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