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19 Apr 2013 - 27 Apr 2013

Far East Film | Udine, Italy

The 15th Edition of Udine Far East Film will be held in Italy from 19th to 27th April, 2013. The Far East Film Festival is aimed at encouraging a mutual cultural exchange between film makers in Asia and Europe. The Udine event is focused at developing an understanding and appreciation of East Asian popular film making amongst European and Italian audiences. The festival organizers - Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche have announced accreditation and hospitality plans for those visitors who wish to attend the festival. For those who have a cultural interest in Asian cinema, and plan to attend the whole festival, accreditation is most economical, as well efficient solution to make the festival easily accesible. From February 18th, the White Tiger accreditation is available at a price of €45,00. Also available - from 18th February to 13th April - is the Black Dragon accreditation and the White Tiger University Under 26, that costs €35,00 and is reserved to students under 26 years old. Cinema critics, specialized journalists, representatives of international festivals and film archives, buyers, as well as university professors and students of cinema and oriental languages, can apply for the discounted Festival accommodation. The accommodation is available at a small financial help for every night offered to the guests (from 5 to 10 EUR maximum per night, according to the type of accommodation) Registration, as well as details about the accreditation and hospitality are available online at