22 Nov 2018

European Union Prize for Literature laureates in New Delhi event

The European Union Prize for Literature laureates Gabriela Babnik (Slovenia), Claudiu M. Florian (Romania) and Jesús Carrasco (Spain) took part in the Long Night of LiteratureS 2018 in New Delhi. The Long Night of LiteratureS 2018 took place from 26-28 September 2018.

As part of the Long Night of LiteratureS 2018 the Delegation of the European Union to India together with nine EU Member States - Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain, and two non-EU states - Switzerland and Georgia, organised a three-day event. Ten authors from ten European countries participated in these events. Amongst the participants are three outstanding European Union Prize for Literature laureates:

  • Gabriela Babnik, 2013 winner from Slovenia,
  • Claudiu M. Florian, 2016 winner from Romania and
  • Jesús Carrasco, 2016 winner from Spain.

The Long Night of LiteratureS 2018 aimed to promote awareness and endorse linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, stemming from the uniqueness of individual expressions of various authors of different backgrounds and life experiences. Furthermore, it marked the European Day of Languages celebrated on 26 September, as well as a contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Source: European Commission DGEAC

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