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23 Mar 2017 - 26 Mar 2017

Borneo | international conference on Bajau/Sama and Maritime Southeast Asian Cultures

nusantaraconference ICONBAS-MASEC 2017, the 2nd International Conference on Bajau/Sama Diaspora & Maritime Southeast Asian Cultures takes place in Semporna, Sabah (Borneo, Malaysia) 23-26 March 2017. The conference will run for a total of 4 days:  A half-day registration and welcome ceremony on the first day, followed by three consecutive days of papers/workshops/performances from 9:00 am - 17:00 pm at the official conference site, inclusive of observing and participating in Bajau-Sama’ performance traditions in the form of Igal and Tagunggu’ ensembles.

This conference will be organized and curated by Nusantara Performing Arts Research Centre (NusParc), a non-profit organization, which awards grants to individual scholars for research and documentation in the traditional and contemporary performing arts of Southeast Asia.

The mission of this organization is to support and stimulate research and documentation of the performing arts of Southeast Asia (Nusantara). Through its support of scientific research, documentation, publications and financial assistance to scholars, NusParc intends to promote the preservation and the nurturing of traditional and contemporary performing arts, including music, dance, theatre and proto-theatre genres throughout the Southeast Asian region. This includes providing educational materials for use at all levels of teaching and for the public at large.

In the context of the 2nd ICONBAS-MASEC, NusParc will provide professional assistance to the Department of Sabah Museum to host the said conference.