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06 Dec 2012 - 13 Jan 2013

Bangkok | BRAVOS: Groundbreaking Spanish design | exhibition

The Spanish Embassy and the Bangkok Art & Culture Center (BACC) are pleased to present the innovative design exhibition “BRAVOS: Groundbreaking Spanish design” at BACC until 13 January 2013. BRAVOS is an exhibition that portrays the innovation and diversity of the new Spanish design scene. It includes the work of twenty-one talented and successful young Spanish designers, and represents the best industrial design creations of the Spanish Design Boom. Spain stands out in several fields such as gastronomy, sports, fashion or arts. However, there is also an emerging new discipline in which we are beginning to excel: product design. During the 80’, Spain experienced a design boom linked to the creativity that was unleashed during the new-born democracy. But during the 21st century, a completely different new generation has been born and is achieving international success. There is a rich and diverse group of creative Spaniards that are part of the world design avante-garde. BRAVOS aims at presenting, for the first time together, the work of the main new Spanish designer talents. After an important design history with figures such as Gaudí, Dalí, and 20th century masters as Ricard, Milá, Tusquets, Mariscal, the 21st Century has unraveled a new generation of Spanish designers that follow up the best Spanish design tradition. The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre will host the exhibition which has already travelled around the world including top art cities in the US, Asia, Europe and Latin America. A great opportunity to enjoy a groundbreaking exhibition in a country where cutting-edge art is becoming one of the distinguishing features of the new emerging Thai talented art. A good chance to exchange ideas between Spain and Thailand, both renowned for their artistic accomplishments.