06 Jul 2011

Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government (Malta)

Under the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, the Culture Directorate was established to ensure that the governance role of the Ministry responsible for culture is fulfilled efficiently and expediently, and that important issues effecting the sector are brought to the attention of the competent political and administrative authorities.

The Directorate's main responsibilities are as follows:

  • provision of policy, direction and advice on the arts, heritage, and audiovisuals;

  • management of two programmes related to culture, arts and the creative industries, namely the Culture Card and the Cinema Digitisation Scheme;

  • preparation of contributions for public debate and discussion;

  • liaising with the relevant entities and stakeholders on all matters related to Malta’s cultural and creative sectors;

  • preparation works for two capital projects, namely the Valletta Design Cluster and the Grand Salon for Costume, Fashion and Film.​

Apart from the Policy-determined functions listed above, the Directorate hosts the contact point for the Creative Europe Programme. Other public cultural initiatives include Heritage Malta, Restoration Directorate, and The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.

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