06 Sep 2010

Art Institute of Malaysia Malacca (Institut Seni Malaysia Melaka, ISMMA)

The Art Institute of Malaysia Malacca was established under the Companies Act 1965 and redeployed by the Malacca State Government in 2001 to realise the vision of the Chief Minister in view of a balanced development, with the hope to produce citizens who have the Malacca Art identity practiced in various fields and disciplines.


  • To improve academic standards in the arts among the people in Malacca, Malaysia and produce artististic works;

  • To produce students who are able to appreciate ISMMA, expanding art into tertiary education;

  • To introduce Malacca cultural heritage to the younger generation such as Dondang Love, Joget Flea, Ethnic Dance, Kite, poem, self-defense arts, nobility and so on;

  • To produce creative people, skilled and trained to be able to contribute to the effort - an effort to conserve, develop and strengthen the arts in Malacca and Malaysia;

  • To assist the State Government to develop and promote the tourism industry by providing quality performances of heritage and identity which reflects the people of Malacca.