Public Fund “Cultural Dialogue”

We Seek: We plan to organize the Central Asia Forum for Art Managers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, that will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan in September. We welcome trainers, art managers to take part in the first event.

We Offer: We offer networking and study tour and meetings with CEOs of Kazakh theaters, museums, galleries and art managers from creative industries from Central Asian countries.


About Us

Center “Cultural Dialogue” is a public organization whose mission is to promote the sustainable development of the cultural industry in Kazakhstan through the development and training of art managers.

The objectives are:

  • The development of a dialogue platform for professional art managers;
  • Development and organization of training courses and workshops in the field of management and marketing in the cultural sphere;
  • Conducting research in the field of management in the cultural industry;
  • Organization of meetings, tours and exchanges with representatives of the cultural industry of foreign countries.

We plan to reach the greatest possible number of representatives of the art industry for the professional networking. This network should be a dialogue platform for organizing a number of unsolvable problems of tens of thousands of people working in the creative sector. Also facilitate the collection of information for research in cultural industry development.

In addition, the activities of the Centre are aimed at implementing a unique educational project that aims to support art managers in the field of culture and creative industries to deepen their knowledge of management and marketing, promotion and sales. Training of art managers is planned by leading local and foreign experts in the field of management.

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