Komunitas Association


About Us

Komunitas Association was established in 2006 as a laboratory for applied social sciences (sociology and anthropology) in order to generate social change and contribute to the development of solidarity among people from the media and socio-demographic backgrounds.

Over time, our team was made up of anthropologists, planners, architects, artists and teachers interested in increasing the quality of urban life through cooperation and involvement. Together we have experienced and we established new methods of non-formal education for young, urban research, community development and activation of public spaces.

The mission of Komunitas Association is acting for social transformation, solidarity, promoting active citizenship and alternative education.

Komunitas aims:

  • To stimulate the involvement of youth in transforming the environment in which they live in and to form them as future active citizens of the city, through urban education and participatory urban interventions;
  • To develop the creativity of young people through involving them in cultural education and participatory art projects;
  • To activate urban public spaces and to test their potential through urban interventions, community events and cultural events;
  • To contribute to the development and strengthening of urban communities in through social and cultural events, community facilitation and participatory interventions;
  • To explore and understand the urban spaces we live in through urban studies, social-anthropological research, publications, videos and creating contexts for discussions on topics related to activation and urban development;
  • To promote good practices in urban development and to support urban activism local networks;
  • To form and develop networks of people, groups and NGOs interested in areas such as urban anthropology; urban activism, urban art, non-formal education, grass roots urban development.

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