Danish Arts Agency (DAA)


About Us

The Danish Arts Agency is an administrative body under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Culture. Among other things, the Agency acts as secretariat for the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Arts Council and manages international cultural exchange activities within the visual arts, literature, music and the performing arts as well as the presentation of Denmark as a cultural nation.

The Danish Arts Council promotes artistic development in Denmark and Danish art abroad. The Council’s two principal tasks are to provide support for artistic endeavours within the fields of literature, the performing arts, the visual arts and music and to advise public authorities regarding matters within the Council’s sphere of activity. The council has committees within each of the four branches of the arts.

The role of the Danish Arts Foundation is to promote the creative arts in Denmark. Its main task is to provide grants for creative artists. The Foundation has committees for Visual Arts, Crafts and Design, Architecture, Film and Performing Arts, Literature, Classical Music, Popular Music and Art in Public Spaces.

The website of the Danish Arts Agency functions as a guide for international partners looking for funding, offering information about the Danish cultural policy and available grants.

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