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Mario A. Caro
Mario A. Caro is the president of Res Artis, an international network of art residencies. Dr. Caro is also a researcher, curator, and critic of contemporary art, having published widely on the history, theory, and criticism of contemporary Indigenous arts... More
Lang Xiao
@xiaolang817 active 1 year, 5 months ago
About Lang Xiao: Lang Xiao: Founder and Director of ARTouch, Lang holds BA in Journalism and Communication of Renmin University of China;... More
Bilqis Hijjas
@bilqis active 1 year, 3 months ago
About Bilqis Hijjas: More

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AvatarNameCityCountryBlogsMy SitesCreative FieldAffiliationsActive ↓
Piero ZilioPiero ZilioCagliariItaly, film.culture360.asef.org Management
Economy and Society
New Media
8 minutes ago ago
Alia DamaihatiAlia DamaihatiYogyakartaIndonesiaarchiving, documentary7 hours, 8 minutes ago ago
Josef BaresJosef BaresShanghaiChina, JOSEF.BARES.NAMECultural Management
Economy and Society
New Media
Visual Arts
8 hours, 57 minutes ago ago
MONICA BELLOMONICA BELLOGIJONSpainhttp://@monica_belloArt and Environment
Cultural Management
New Media
Visual Arts
10 hours, 16 minutes ago ago
EARS – Europe-Asia Roundtable SessionsEARS – Europe-Asia Roundtable SessionsHelsinkiFinland Management10 hours, 57 minutes ago ago
Monica VermaMonica VermaDelhiIndiaFilm
New Media
11 hours, 16 minutes ago ago
Judith StainesJudith StainesUnited Kingdom culture360.org11 hours, 51 minutes ago ago
Asdis ThorhallsdottirAsdis ThorhallsdottirReykjavikIcelandCultural Management
Performing Arts
Visual Arts
12 hours, 21 minutes ago ago
Tom PapasTom PapasParramattaAustraliaFestivals13 hours, 7 minutes ago ago
Eva FidjelandEva FidjelandOrreforsSweden, glass artist Eva Fidjeland, Orrefors Sweden ArtsThe Swedish Artists´  National Organization1 day, 7 hours ago ago
Paschalia TerziPaschalia TerziThessalonikiGreeceHeritage1 day, 10 hours ago ago
Sali Sasaki (佐々木 沙梨)Sali Sasaki (佐々木 沙梨)Japan,, Asia-Europe Museum Network http://www.citiesxdesign.orgDesigner / Writer1 day, 13 hours ago ago
Sasiwimon WongjarinSasiwimon Wongjarin Asia-Europe Museum Network1 day, 13 hours ago ago
Fundatia Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation EAPCFFundatia Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation EAPCFBrasovRomania European Literature Circle on the Silk Highway, Culture, Creative Industries, International Relations1 day, 14 hours ago ago
Muhammad Asim ChaudhryMuhammad Asim ChaudhryLahorePakistan Management1 day, 14 hours ago ago
Australian Performing Arts MarketAustralian Performing Arts MarketBrisbane, QueenslandAustralia Arts1 day, 17 hours ago ago
Colm McAuliffeColm McAuliffeLondonUnited Kingdom film.culture360.asef.org days, 1 hour ago ago
Suraj BhaktaSuraj BhaktaKathmanduNepal and Environment
Nepal Engineering Council5 days, 11 hours ago ago
Rachel Rits-VollochRachel Rits-VollochBerlinGermanyFounding Director, M o m e n t u m / Worldwide, www.momentumworldwide.org6 days, 5 hours ago ago
Kamani PereraKamani PereraColomboSri Lanka http://k_vithanaMuseumRegional Centre for Strategic Studies6 days, 16 hours ago ago

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