• I found the article very interesting and I would like to bring to your attention a Street Art company called Fadunito from Cervera, Lleida, Spain. Their website is http://www.fadunito.com and this year they will conduct an interesting project on city and accessibility issues which could be implemented in various locations around Europe or Asia.

    • Dear Ramona
      Thanks for your comments. We hope to get good coverage of such projects on culture360.org and I will certainly check out the Fadunito site. If they are working in both Europe and Asia, I’ll put the content on the site. You might be interested to see this article on a French circus company working in Cambodia: http://culture360.org/event/atlas-festival-cambodian-french-circus-in-belgium/
      Do keep us posted of any projects you come across linking Europe and Asia.

  • Dear Ramona,

    Thank you for the kind words. The initiative by Street Art company is a very interesting one indeed. Keep up the good work!


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