• Art has transformative powers that it can help transcend one’s condition from suffering to happiness. This is one of the channels that people can actualize themselves without necessarily getting money into the picture. It also has the power to connect people. If there’s connection amongst people, what else can one ask for? Kudos to the author!!! Powerful idea! This author thought about putting an abstract idea to bring about something concrete to give the power back to the people! I am happy that these ideas are proliferating only through enlightenment of the authors like this one. Congrats! All my my support! Rodolfo Rabonza

  • Suggest distributing this article to all media outlet to get additional exposure that could bring artists to the project.Once the needed publicity is achieved who knows big business and maybe even the government would join for the needed support.It’s a very good project and I am glad Edward is very much into it.

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