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National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazkhstan in Astana



The National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana’s collection includes over 1.5 million items  More

State Historical Cultural Reserve-Museum of Issyk


State Historical Cultural Reserve-Museum of Issyk is a complex of 80 Saks burial mounds (kurgans), the residence of the Saka rulers “Rakhat” and ancient city “Oricti”.  More

State Archaeological Reserve-Museum of Tamgaly


State Archaeological Reserve of Tamgaly is a remarkable concentration of some 5,000 petroglyphs (rock carvings) located 120 km to north-west of Almaty.  More

Almaty Museum Association


Almaty Museums Association was created to optimise the management of museums and improve the quality of the social and cultural services in Almaty. Founded in 2015, the Association consists of five museums and is under the Department of Culture of Almaty.  More

A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts


The A. Kasteyev State Art Museum of Kazakhstan is the largest art museum and the country’s leading research and cultural and educational center in the field of fine arts.  More

Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan



The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty) is one of the oldest and largest museums not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the Central Asian region  More

National Museum of Republic of Kazakhstan


The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana) is the youngest and largest museum in Central Asia. The museum has been created in the framework of the “Cultural Heritage” State Program on behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The National Museum of Kazakhstan is composed of the following halls: […]  More

Kazakh Research Institute of Culture


Kazakh Research Institute of Culture undertake an in-depth systematic analysis of culture sector as well as scientific and research activities; implementation of the Concept of Cultural Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan; preservation and study of historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan; integration into the global cultural dialogue and effective international cooperation.  More

Ministry of Culture and Sport, Kazakhstan


Ministry of Culture and Sport is the central executive body of the Republic of Kazakhstan, administrating spheres of culture, political stability, inter-ethnic concord, language development, state symbols, commissioning of social services, archives and documentation, religious activities, physical culture and sports, gambling industry; and within the limits prescribed by law – cross-sector coordination and government regulation. […]  More

OBSCURA Festival of Photography

Discipline:, , , , , , , ,

We Seek: As a photography festival, OBSCURA Festival seeks partnerships in various forms. Monetary partners are crucial to the execution of the festival which runs at a cost of roughly USD$90,000 a year. We also seek media, cultural, venue, printing, travel and accomodation partners.

We Offer: As a festival with a significant international following on social media together with strong audience exposure during the festival, we can offer social media plugs, display of partner logos across all promotional material together with more tailored partnerships that will be mutually beneficial.


OBSCURA Festival is Malaysia’s premier photography festival that celebrates photography from Asia and around the globe. Each year, the festival hosts a series of exhibitions, talks, workshops, professional portfolio reviews and slide shows. The festival also organises fringe events, including youth photography programmes with its festival partners. Exhibiting photographers, curators, jury members and students fly […]  More

PEN International

Discipline:, ,

We Seek: Organizations and/or festivals with which to collaborate on events focusing on intercultural dialogue, freedom of expression, and linguistic rights. Organizations and/or festivals interested in organizing their own Free the Word! event. Organizations and individuals interested in collaborating with PEN International on issues of freedom of expression and linguistic rights.

We Offer: Decades of expertise on issues of intercultural dialogue, freedom of expression, and linguistic rights. The flexible Free the Word! literary event format, to be organized with guidance from PEN International and adapted to each organization’s individual specifications. Intercultural connections across the world through 149 different PEN Centres.


PEN International promotes literature and freedom of expression and is governed by the PEN Charter and the principles it embodies: unhampered transmission of thought within each nation and between all nations. Founded in 1921, PEN International connects an international community of writers from its Secretariat in London. It is a forum where writers meet freely […]  More

The Film Network


We Seek: Visibility to emerging filmmakers in Europe and Asia

We Offer: A professional networking platform for filmmakers


The Film Network is responsible for , a professional networking platform dedicated to the filmmaking industry. Films are curated by film festivals and other credible film organisations as well as the central team. We aim to develop the world’s leading networking platform for the creative video and film sector – think LinkedIn meets Vimeo. Our […]  More

SolPromo, Bulgaria

Discipline:, , , , ,

We Seek: We are searching for talented artists in the field of jazz, classics and folklore as well for organisations outside Bulgaria such as agencies, cultural and art institutions who are interested in Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 and its artistic content.

We Offer: We offer expertise in the field of the artist development and management; PR, events organisation, media, copy writing; local and international contacts; readiness to be partner in international projects and good overview upon the opportunities "Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture" offers.



Solpromo is a platform, created to promote classical, jazz and folklore music artists in Bulgaria and abroad. Solpromo is aiming to present to the audience professional musicians and artists, as well as to help young individuals and bands develop and promote their talents. The basic idea of this platform is the personality and the individual […]  More

Royal Thai Pavilion in Sweden

Discipline:, , , , , , , , ,

We Seek: Culture exchange, collaboration, exchange of experiences, projects, partnership

We Offer: Culture exchange, collaboration, exchange of experiences, projects, partnership


Ragunda Valley has the only Royal Thai Pavilion of its kind outside Thailand! The Royal Thai Pavilion in Utanede, Ragunda is amazingly unique. Nearly 100 years after the visit by the Thai King Chulalongkorn Rama V in 1897, Thai representatives decided together with Ragunda to honour the king’s visit through erecting a spectacular memorial building […]  More

Pakhtunkhwa College of Arts, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan |


The Pakhtunkhwa College of Arts-PCA was established on 20th September 2014 as a constituent college of University. The idea for establishing this college was done on 26th March 2014 as University College of Arts. The First Principal and faculty was Inducted on 20th August 2014. Objectives Our objectives are ‘to advance learning, knowledge and professional […]  More

School for curatorial studies Venice


We Seek: We are looking for very motivated students for our next Summer School in Curatorial Studies which will be held in Venice next summer during the Architecture International Art Biennale.

We Offer: With an interdisciplinary approach, the course provides practical training and experience within museums and exhibition settings. Its international faculty includes curators and museum professionals, artists and critics. The course is designed to increase students understanding of the intellectual and technical tasks of the curator figure. English-taught lectures cover both theoretical and practical topics that go from the history of contemporary visual arts and practices of exhibition-making, to Exhibition Management. The students will participate in weekly activities, such as artist studio visits, tours of exhibition spaces, networking events and workshops. The program culminates with the set up of the exhibition and the publication of a printed catalogue. The Summer School includes visits of specific art venues all over the city of Venice during the International Architecture Biennale. A series of selected case studies will offer the students an opportunity to observe the development of contemporary art. The School’s goal is to align these specific theoretical lectures with a practical approach. Besides the theoretical lectures, a series of laboratories and workshops aims to introduce the students to the work of critical text writing, press releases and to structure all the different aspects of publishing. The students will be offered the possibility of a gallery training and of setting up together - with one of our tutors, their exhibition in Venice, as a final project of the course.



The School for Curatorial Studies is an ambitious and challenging project promoted since 2004 and conceived as a school committed to experimentation and interdisciplinary thinking. The main goals are to spread the knowledge in the field of visual arts and to introduce the students to the professions related to the art world, focusing on contemporary […]  More

Culture and Energy NGO


We Seek: We seek for the creative thinkers: artists, writers, curators, cultural managers, musicians and academics, who would like to make researches on the relationship between Art and Nature; who are seeking for answers of the question of whether artists may affect social change - art works use creative vision to highlight the ways in which we see the Nature, psychologically, philosophically.

We Offer: We offer a Residence space for realization of the projects and public presentation of theirs work



Culture and Energy is an NGO established in 2003 by a group of artists and researchers.The main goal of the organization is to investigate the various levels of the complex interactions between Culture and Nature. The activities of the organization are based on the understanding that Culture is, in fact, an interaction between man and […]  More

Unincorporated Collaborations


We Seek: We are seeking contemporary artists working in any media seeking the qualities of a secluded retreat and potential collaboration. We want to explore the following themes - climate / weather, rural social and political issues, land / agriculture. We are inviting these artists to join us for artist residencies in South-West Dorset, England.

We Offer: We are offering a new artist residency program – The Mothership – in Dorset, from March 2016. This opportunity is for contemporary artists working in any media seeking the qualities of a secluded retreat and potential collaboration. The residencies can range in length from a weekend to six weeks, depending on the needs of the artist and the availability of the studio, and are tailored towards professional artists seeking the ideal qualities for a working retreat – quiet, seclusion and creative inspiration.



Unincorporated Collaborations (UC) is a company lead by Anna Best – a Dorset-based artist. It exists to set up stimulating collaborations with interesting people from around the world. It is a not for profit arts initiative which aims to raise consciousness and create dialogue around issues pertinent to our current political and social landscape UC is launching The Mothership, a […]  More

The Museum of Photography, Seoul


We Seek: We are looking for curators and photographers in Asia who can give us a presentation (20min-length, All programs are in English) on the theme ‘From Analog Photography to Digital Photography’. We also welcome curators and photographers from Asia who are interested in the theme and are willing to join this program.

We Offer: We’ll provide all attendants with free accommodations and allotted presentation fees for the selected speakers.


The Museum of Photography, Seoul, is the first museum of photography in Korea, authorized in 2002. The museum engages in a variety of activities to promote an understanding and appreciation of photography. It exists to encourage and inspire photographers who choose to pursue an artistic career in the realm of Korean photography. The museum’s mission […]  More

Ekalokam Trust for Photography


We Seek: Networking and collaboration in EtP Project 365, the public photo-art project that collectively creates and preserves photographic visuals of the fast vanishing culture and lifestyle of ancient Tamilakam (contemporary South India). Year-long project 365 Tiruvannamalai was completed in August 2015 and Project 365 tri-sangam ports will begin during August 2016.

We Offer: Residency for young, upcoming and professional photographers in Tiruvannamalai ( ) Collaboration and networking support



EtP (Ekalokam Trust for Photography) is an artist run, registered, not-for profit organization based in Tamil Nadu, India. The visionary behind EtP is noted contemporary Indian photographer Abul Kalam Azad. EtP has been informally working in Tiruvannamalai since mid 2012 and was legally formed in the year August 2013 by Abul Kalam Azad, Kulanthaivel – […]  More

SOMA Art Gallery Berlin


We Seek: SOMA Art Gallery is an independent contemporary art and culture space and initiative which encourages collaborations among networks between cultural professionals, artists, academics and social activists from all over the world with the larger aim of supporting sustained dialogue. SOMA is seeking funding partners.

We Offer: SOMA defines itself as a platform where true, mindful dialogue begins by presenting the art works strongly connected with the oldest question and matter of human beings: Who we are, Where we are, Where is our soul now. SOMA offers the Artists and Art-Professionals the exhibition space in Kreuzberg, Berlin.


SOMA Art Gallery is an independent contemporary art and culture space and initiative which encourages collaborations among networks between cultural professionals, artists, academics and social activists from all over the world with the larger aim of supporting sustained dialogue. SOMA means moonlight in the oldest language: Sanskrit. The world of the Moon is more the […]  More

Gubuak Kopi Community


We Seek: We need artists who are interested to work or get experience with us and ready to do the residency: research and interact with the residents for a week. Observe the issue and collaborate with the residents to produce works of art as a medium for aspirations of the citizens' issues. We want a form of work that is new or different by utilizing the existing facilities around the citizen.

We Offer: We offer to you an experience to work with us, but we need to remind you that Gubuak Kopi is a study group which did not have much money and is not standing behind a large founder. Gubuak Kopi community will seek the costs from your country for the consumption during the activities, whereas for the inn, we will gather at the headquarters and houses of the citizens. So please understand.



Gubuak Kopi Community is a cultural study club, working to research and develop knowledge of the arts and media in the local area and introduce art as a medium for the aspirations of citizens. We work collectively with residents to produce contemporary arts. Gubuak Kopi was established by a youth group consisting of an artist, […]  More

Padova Street Show

Discipline:, , , , , , , , ,

We Seek: The Festival is interested in a collaboration with different institutions to exchange visibility, partnerships or establish a connection with other organizations. Hosting artists and experts in this field to encourage a full agenda of shows. Creating a circuit of cooperation between various organizations with the purpose of an exchange of culture and artistic figures.

We Offer: We develop circus culture and create a show of quality entertainment with the visibility of over a hundred thousand people in one of the most important cities in northern Italy. An incredible live festival that fosters a joyful meeting, but also full of artistic contents with great talented artists.


The Padova Street Show is an international reunion of circus and street performers in the city of Padua. The event in its 2nd edition, that will be held from the 9th to 12th June 2016, will see as protagonists, artists from different Italian cities and from all over the world as well. All of them […]  More

Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea

Discipline:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We Seek: We seek international artists to our residency program.

We Offer: Zaratan Artist In Residence programme provides a private workspace, a creative and thrilling artistic community, exhibition opportunities and professional development for international artists in Lisbon (Portugal).



Zaratan–Arte Contemporânea is a not-for-profit space and an organization founded by artists in Lisbon city center in November 2014. Zaratan is a creation, production and promotion structure for contemporary art and a space of reflection and listening. In order to stimulate creativity and contribute to generate valid cultural processes, Zaratan has developed so far a […]  More

The Organic Art Ranch


We Seek: We believe that nature is a great inspiration for artistic expression. We would like to collaborate with other organizations and support young artists.

We Offer: We can offer a chance for cultural exchange, a retreat for artists in an inspirational setting where they can escape the ordinary and get inspired by nature in an almost complete solitary environment. Here you can experience a healthier, more simple and slower lifestyle and finally have time to create.


We have recently established our artist residency programs to support young artists who are traveling and offer them a chance to have a peaceful place to create their artwork during their travels or to just get away from the city to clear their mind. The artist residency allows each visiting artist to experience our place, […]  More


Discipline:, , , ,

We Seek: We are seeking funding.

We Offer: Advertising in all our social media.


Sandro Academy is registered as a non-profit organization that provides the youth of our community with a meaningful youth sports experience. Sandro Academy continues to be a leader in the effort to address the growing concerns associated with concussions and injuries sustained in youth sports. Sandro Academy  is uniquely funded through our friends at the […]  More

Associazione Kymbala

Discipline:, , , ,

We Seek: We are looking for partners for our two Festivals: Festival Florio ( at the end of June we produce a big art festival in Favignana (Sicily) where we produce classical concerts, jazz, reading etc in a place inserted in nature, for relaxing and charming cultural tourism. The other Festival is Progetto IMC ( is a masterclass with a big orchestra that produces Concerts for 10 days in Abruzzo. Some of the best classical players meet in Campli with thousands of students, for a specialization course. Fellowships, concerts are provided.

We Offer: We are ready for every kind of collaboration, so if you have ideas, please write. We can offer cultural exchange, concerts, travels and accommodation.


Kymbala Association is an Italian Association: we work in Abruzzo and Sicily most of all. We have given rise to at least 3 big festivals and we manage the Campli (Teramo) Tourist and Cultural Office. We just won the EFFE label from European Parliament for our ‘Festival Florio’. From 2016, we strongly want our Festivals […]  More



We Seek: Collaboration and potential partnership with other organisations in the arts and creative media industries.

We Offer: Support and resources for aspiring journalists (who can become regional editors), as well as organisations and institutions that want to produce, print or e-print magazines. Featuring of content online and offline. Ethical journalism workshops and mentoring. Links with artists, writers and journalists across the world.


Arkbound is a publishing social enterprise in Bristol, UK that aims to promote social inclusion, community development, sustainability and artistic talent. We publish books and magazines, as well as providing a range of connected services. We give people and organisations the support and resources to produce their own magazines. Further, we have an expanding network […]  More

Unnoticed Art


We Seek: We are looking for connections with artists and organisations related to non-theatrical performance, performative experiments in the public space.

We Offer: We offer a network and some experimental set-ups like the Unnoticed Art Festival, TheConceptBank and TheParallelShow. We are always open to new proposals with experimental qualities.



Unnoticed Art organises projects for performative experiments in public space. We are always looking for new interesting experimental projects. Contact us through Facebook or by sending a mail to  More

Sheffield Doc/Fest

Discipline:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We Seek: Want to share your feature, short or interactive project with the world at the biggest documentary event in the UK? Sheffield Doc/Fest are delighted to welcome submissions for films and interactive projects for consideration for the 2016 programme. Submissions are open for 2016 consideration until 7 February 17:00 (GMT). Find out more and submit:

We Offer: Share your documentary with the world at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 - 10-15 June


Sheffield Doc/Fest brings the international documentary family together to celebrate the art and business of documentary making for six intense days in June. Sheffield Doc/Fest is the perfect platform for anyone with an interest in digital and factual content. Doc/Fest prides itself in supporting and nurturing new talent: in addition to the Festival days in […]  More

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