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Page Six Management Ltd

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We Seek: Partners who can provide us with access to artists for our multidisciplinary residences at our creative hub

We Offer: Accommodation, materials, studio space, links with the local arts community


PageSix Management is in the process of implementing an online directory for creative professionals (creators, producers and service providers) in the East African region. We felt that creative practitioners are underrepresented and under promoted or lack the capacity or platform to do so. We have created a solution that we believe will work. We rely […]  More

the Milena principle

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We Seek: Collaborations related to participative and collaborative approaches to mixed reality within a performative context, by use of the body, specifically in walking, in an interdisciplinary sense, also beyond performance-art and dance, embracing methodologies for the immediate sharing and exploring of ideas through medial manifestations in space and interactions through physical activity.

We Offer: An elaborate experience in the mentioned topics and related international project, next to an elaborate network of organisations, collectives/groups, museums and art universities in Europe.



The Milena Principle is an international platform and an artistic creation and research lab towards interdisciplinary practices within performance arts and new media, with a specific interest in the topics of ecology, sound, science, society and awareness. The organisation is based in Belgium, stimulating continuously encounters between public, artists and experts from various disciplines. Since 2003, […]  More

10 island6 gallery


We Seek: DATES : From April 22nd to April 29th, 2016 VERNISSAGE : Friday April 22nd, 6-10 pm (by invitation-only event, please fill this FORM to be added to the guestlist)

We Offer: DATES : From April 22nd to April 29th, 2016 VERNISSAGE : Friday April 22nd, 6-10 pm (by invitation-only event, please fill this FORM to be added to the guestlist)


So here we are, island6 is ten years old. How else can we say it except what a long strange trip! As we look back on the journey it’s a reminiscence hazed with hookers, club drugs, artworks and shattered dreams. Ok ok, I’m joking about a couple of those. What does it really mean to be ten […]  More

While Making Art

Discipline:, , , , , , ,

We Seek: info-sharing and collaboration

We Offer: info-sharing and collaboration


While Making Art is an online portal providing notes on trends, resources, spaces, and projects in Southeast Asia and beyond.  More

Symbat Academy of Fashion and Technology


In 1996, the Republican House of Clothing, Knitwear and Footwear (the country’s only fashion design company at the time) opened its college of fashion design. In 1998, the Symbat Academy of Fashion Business was established. It was later renamed to the Symbat Academy of Design and Technology. The Symbat Academy’s programmes are: Design (fashion, advertising, […]  More

Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Construction


Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering provides professional training in architecture and design, as well as in engineering and construction.  More

Seleznyov Almaty Chorographical School



The history of Seleznyov Almaty Chorographical School is a history of the choreography development in Kazakhstan. In 1934 on the bases of the orphan home in Almaty was founded the first in the country School of Choreography. It was later in 1938, that the Kazakh state Choreography School was formed. Teaching staff of the school […]  More

Kazakh National University of Arts


Kazakh National University of Arts was established on the basis of the Kazakh National Academy of Music, which was opened in 1998 in Astana. In  2009 Kazakh National Academy of Music received a new status and was reorganized into the Kazakh National University of Arts. At the beginning, the Academy included 5 divisions and 22 […]  More

Zhurgenev Kazakh National Academy of Arts


Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts is the base for Kazakhstan’s professional theatre and visual arts education.  More

Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatoire


Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatoire is a leading higher music education institution in Kazakhstan, providing professional music performance training.  More

Union of Artisans of Kazakhstan



Union of Artisans of Kazakhstan was established in April 2012 and is the first association that represents artisans of Kazakhstan.  More

Urban Forum Almaty



Urban Forum Almaty is a platform for continuous discussion between scientists, experts and practitioners, active citizens, and city authority.  More

Etage Group


Étage magazine, the only Kazakhstani magazine of its kind, it frequently blends the almost forgotten past with contemporary design trends.  More



Experimentarium is a platform for creative experiments and a retailing area for about 85 fashion designers, product designers and fashion brands in Kazakhstan.   More

Aspan Gallery


Aspan Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, representing and supporting multidisciplinary work by Central Asian artists.   More

ARTBAT International Contemporary Art Festival


International Contemporary Art festival ARTBAT FEST – a project unifying Kazakhstani and international participants in the various areas of contemporary art.  More

Eurasian Cultural Alliance


The Eurasian Cultural Alliance is a public association that focuses on the arts and culture sector in the social and economic development of Kazakhstan.  More

Clique Film Festival



Clique Film Fest is the first Kazakhstan independent film festival. It aims to provide a premier showcase for wide spectrum of films: from genre gems, documentary titles to arthouse hits.  More

Eurasia International Film Festival



The Eurasia International Film Festival is an international film festival held in Almaty and Astana and supported by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  More

Kazakhfilm Shaken Aimanov Kazakh Film Studio



Kazakhfilm is a Kazakhstan film company under the Ministry of Culture and Sport. It is mainly engaged in the development of screenplays and projects, production and post-production of dramas, animation and documentary films, and distribution of Kazakh-made films.  More

International Festival of Contemporary Ethnic Music The Spirit of Tengri



The Spirit of Tengri is a prominent international festival of contemporary ethnic music, a multicultural project that joins ethnic musicians from all over the world in Kazakhstan.  More

Zhambyl Kazakh State Phillarmonic



The Zhambyl Kazakh State Philharmonic was founded in 1934 in Alma-Ata. It originally comprised an orchestra of Kazakh national musical instruments, a Kazakh choir, a dance ensemble and a large group of vocal and instrumental soloists. Today, the company consists of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra, Tlendiev Academic Folklore and Ethnographic Orchestra, the State Brass […]  More

Artishok Theatre


The Artishock Theatre was established in 2001 and became the first independent theatre company in Kazakhstan.  More

International Festival of Performing Arts Revelation


The Revelation International Performing Arts Festival is an independent Almaty project that promote the development of contemporary theatre arts and a new generation of theatrical audience in Kazakhstan.   More

State Puppet Theatre Kazakhstan


The State Puppet Theater, founded in Almaty in1935, was one of the first theaters in Kazakhstan.  More

Theatre of Contemporary Dance Samruk


The Samruk Contemporary Dance Theatre is the only professional dance company in Kazakhstan that combines contemporary dance and Kazakh national dance in its shows.  More

Republican German Drama Theatre


The Republican German Drama Theatre was established in 1980 as a means of providing a connection between the ethnic Germans living in Kazakhstan.  More

Abay Kazakh State Academic Opera House



Abay Kazakh State Academic Opera House performs around 200 ballet and opera shows for more than 70 thousand spectators every year.  More

State Opera House Astana Opera



The State Opera and Ballet Theatre “Astana Opera” was founded on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2013.   More

National Library of Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty



The National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the largest science and methodology centre for the libraries of Kazakhstan.  More

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