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Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival



Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival is a festival for innovative and creative digital art. During the two-day festival in Tilburg (Netherlands), Playgrounds presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity. The festival programme offers an inspiring mix of inventive films, documentaries, animation, graphic design, artist talks, character design and performances.  More

Griffith Film School



The Griffith Film School (GFS) is the largest dedicated school of its kind in Australia and is part of Griffith University, one of Australia’s leading universities. It is also a member of CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision) a peak body for the world’s film schools. GFS brings together […]  More

AKV|St.Joost – Master of Animation



The one year Master course Animation is intended for practising professionals and young bachelor graduates who wish to consciously position themselves with regard to the knowledge domain of animation. The programme focuses on the broad role of animation within the contexts of media, art, design, games and science where there is a growing demand for […]  More

Griffith Asia Institute


The Griffith Asia Institute produces innovative, interdisciplinary research on key developments in the politics, economics, societies and cultures of Asia and the South Pacific. By promoting knowledge of Australia’s changing region and its importance to our future, the Griffith Asia Institute seeks to inform and foster academic scholarship, public awareness and considered and responsive policy […]  More

Artists All Around

Discipline:, , , , , , , ,

We Seek: AAA seeks to create new initiatives in contemporary art, in collaboration with art organisations in Europe and Asia. At the moment, we have a network of artists based in Singapore, UK, Mexico, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Netherlands etc. and we are constantly expanding our community. We are also seeking opportunities to establish AAA branches run by the local creative communities in different regions and expand our content offering.

We Offer: AAA offers LIVE online artist conferences every 6-7 weeks where selected artists from around the world gather to share about their practice and current work. The sessions are broadcasted LIVE on Youtube and archived for public to view. AAA also started the inaugural 2014 AAA residency based in Singapore and is open to all disciplines of contemporary art.

Projects: LIVE online artists conferences and AAA artist residency


AAA offers LIVE online artist conferences every 6-7 weeks where selected artists from around the world gather to share about their practice and current work. The sessions are broadcasted LIVE on Youtube and archived for public to view. AAA also started the inaugural 2014 AAA residency based in Singapore and is open to all disciplines […]  More

el Ojo cojo

Discipline:, , , , , , ,

We Seek: Organizations working in art and intercultural Organizations working in cinema, festivals, training

We Offer: We will seek funding and joint projects

Projects: Network movie dialog territories


Network to promote the exchange and  promotion of intercultural cinema, as well as promoting the participation of festivals and film festivals  More


Discipline:, , , , , , ,

We Seek: We're searching for partners for a project under Creative Europe 2014-2020, Culture Sub-Programme

We Offer: We offer opportunities of collaboration in a mobility project of artists and works in the field of sculpture, performing arts, contemporary art

Projects: The streets of contemporary


We are a consulting company based in Grosseto, Italy, active in the field of European projects (Erasmus + Creative Europe, Horizon 2020). We would like to share our projects with European partners and also be a point of reference for those who are looking for Italian partners.  More

ArsNova International


We Seek: We are looking for European partners able to work with new media (projection mapping, 3D, etc..), in order to combine classical music with other new modern

We Offer: We offer classical music artists, organization of classical music concerts in the most beautiful concert halls in Asia

Projects: Classical Music and New Media


Arsnova aims to promote classical music culture and for the last two years it had been organizing international artists’ concerts and master classes worldwide, focusing on Asia territory.  More

Carioca Studio


We Seek: Carioca Studio (Bucharest, Romania) launches a call for applications to the NGOs and universities in Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland. We kindly ask you to propose researchers, artists, producers, scenographers, cultural managers interested in history and in contemporary arts to participate in the production of a series of photo shootings that will have a final point in exhibiting the works in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland.The project aims at researching, documenting and creating a series of photos regarding a particular moment in the history of several countries in the EU. Each partner will question the public in their country regarding the most iconic and important moment in the history of their own country. This process will take place on an Internet platfom, specially made for the project. The project aims at finding the key moments, recreating them and taking professional pictures that will be exhibited.We want to critically assess the collection of these moments in history and to underline them.Another important point will be the focus on the production of the photographies, which will bring together the photographers as well models, actors, scenographers and producers.We are interested in this theme specifically, since we want to bring together different countries and their history and to question the way in which people relate to history. Also, we aim at producing high-quality photos that will be exposed and that will circulate in four European countries.The production will offer an extremely beneficial cultural model, stimulating both the local cultural exchange and the European assimilation and integration of cultural differences.We are looking for institutions (public or private) that were founded at least 2 years ago and which would be interested in entering a project as co-partners. We are open to suggestions regarding our project.

We Offer: If you have a participation proposal and you wish to take part in the upcoming project, please send us the bio of the artist you nominate at the adress are hoping to work with you!17 February 2014 – deadline for submitting proposals 19 February 2014 – deadline for selecting proposals

Projects: Moments


Carioca Studio is an image concept house based in Bucharest, specialized in advertising visuals. After having worked as art directors in advertising companies, three photographers with fine art background and a producer founded Carioca Studio. The three founders, Dragos Traistaru, Andrei Stoleru and Dragos Coman have a strong artistic base, since they graduated graphic arts at […]  More

Frank Brazil


We Seek: Searching for partner organisations , across all media, in Asia and with whom to to develop innovative projects. To develop long term relationships for mutual benefit.

We Offer: We based in the UK and have networks around the world, linking South Asia and Europe.

Projects: Ajay Bhardwaj documentary films,


Who or what is Frank Brazil? The name Frank Brazil was an alias of the Indian revolutionary Udham Singh. Frank Brazil is an initiative launched in August 2013 by artist Tajender Sagoo. She graduated from Central Saint Martin’s in textile design, specialising in weaving. Sagoo went on to teach and work as a weaver before […]  More

The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation


We Seek: Seeking partnership for exhibition, education and possible funding.

We Offer: scholarship programme, worldwide exhibition and networking

Projects: World wide animation exhibition starting in UK and Animation scholarships


Although Ray left some financial support in his will to help preserve his legacy for the future, the Foundation is still in desperate need of additional funds and sponsorship to assist with the continuing work on the collection, as well as achieving Ray’s wish to exhibit the collection in a permanent gallery, and encourage young people to enter […]  More



We Seek: - We are looking for artists/curators/researchers/musicians/choreographers/performers/critics who want to create a site specific works in BARIM.- We do not have specific dates nor strict programs for the residency, but we are looking for artists/curators/researchers/musicians/choreographers/performers/critics who are able to make a proposal and responsible in producing a work, bringing a new perspective to our unique space.

We Offer: - Unfortunately, no traveling budget will be offered because we are a small artist-run space. When it comes to a bigger project like collective&collective or group&group projects, we can apply for funds together if you know any good resources. But those budgets are not secured at the moment.- Also materials and living expenses are up to artists. But depending on the project, we can make a project which can fundraise. (such as participatory workshop with audience, tickets, goods, books, and etc) But to note, this is not always possible. We have a bit of our in-studio budget which will only cover basic exhibition/performance (flyers, posters, and etc).- We can offer accommodation for artists. A part of Goshiwon will be renovated as a guesthouse. A single small room will be offered to a participant with shared bathroom and kitchen.

Projects: Site specific work/residency


PURPOSE – Goshiwon, contemporary living space, becomes a space where the real life and contemporary culture/art encounter. – Not to aim an artist-in-residence strictly programmed by Barim, but to aim a residency proposed and curated by artists themselves.   WORKING ENVIRONMENT – Participants can use any place as their studios. We have a white cube, […]  More

Music Theatre International


We Seek: collaboration on international projects, exchange cultural programs

We Offer: residencies, artistic consulting, promotional activies in Italy

Projects: Performing arts different projects


The M.Th.I. organization operating in Italy since 1999, was formally founded in 2000. The association promotes different forms of music theatre; encourages the knowledge and the circulation of the international repertoire; produces and promotes performances and events which involve a synergistic combination of the different languages of live performance with contemporary arts; promotes and supports small […]  More

Global Exchange Center


We Seek: Individual artists in painting, photography, and curators, and contemporary art galleries in US, Europe and Australia for our annual contemporary art exchange event 2014. We are looking for partners to extend our regular exchange events.

We Offer: Event manangment in China, We are professional contemporary art service center in Beijing China. We organize international artists exchange events each. We maintain a network of local artists and art organizations.

Projects: Global Exchange Center Contemporary Art Exchange in China 2014


Established in 2010, Global Exchange Center is an art consulting and publishing center based in China. Our center helps the artists from all over the world to break language and cultural barriers to reach Chinese audience. We are going to organize an international artists exchange event in 2014 and we are looking for partners to join this projects.  We are looking for partners in the following countries and area:   US, Europe and Australia.  More

Culture Center for the Deaf

Discipline:, , , , , , , ,

We Seek: We are looking for highly motivated partners that works in the field of Arts and Culture and who wants to join disability and deaf related cultural organizations.

We Offer: CCD has gained expertise in cultural and social field and also our workers have a good knowledge of disability related issues and research in Mongolia.


The Cultural Center for the Deaf is a non-profit organization that provides cultural support services, counseling, referrals and education for people with hearing impairment in Mongolia. Contact details:  More

Great Ode


We Seek: Creative Entrepreneurs, Art Galleries, Art's writers and patrons, organisation lovers and supporters to help Great Ode in it's aim at connecting artists worldwide from the most distant and unheard of locations and difficult backgrounds to propel their story to a worldwide audience. Our ambitious aim is to create a collection of the most powerful, striking and poignant visual media to exhibit worldwide in a touring exhibition and edition release and to support artists coming from troubled and voice-less cultures.

We Offer: Great Ode connects artists from global locations with artists from varied backgrounds. Established artists are connected with new-talent, and new artists from conflict zones and troubled locations who are determined to engage a varied audience in their story. We work with moving-image, visual art, sound and installation to create a organisation focused purely on powerful artistic media and creating a new form of communication based on archival culture.

Projects: Great Ode


Great Ode acts with publishing, moving image, visual media and 3D. A curatorial initiative appearing as an interactive visual & sculptural library concentrated on powerful archival media to propel a new form of creative dialogue. Ode works with artists worldwide, focusing especially on the unheard locations and the voice-less cultures who tend to get drowned. We’ll be releasing […]  More

Sound Diplomacy

Discipline:, , , , ,

We Seek: Cooperation projects in the cultural sector.

We Offer: We are a multi-lingual event production, export and research consultancy based in London, Barcelona and Berlin. We combine conference and event production with music export consulting and market research.We draw on over thirty years of creative industries experience in both the public and private sector to deliver event and conference programming and coordination, world-class research, and market intelligence. We have over 30 clients in 4 continents, including government ministries, music and cultural export offices, music events and conferences, universities and more.


Sound Diplomacy is a Think and Do Tank for the Creative Industries. Think: Market Research and Analysis, Export Strategy and Consulting, Planning and Development, Academia. Do: Conference Management, Event Production, Coordination and Logistics. We are a multi-lingual event production, export and research consultancy based in London, Barcelona and Berlin. We combine conference and event production […]  More

IOV World | International Organization of Folk Art


IOV is a worldwide network of individuals and institutions working to preserve and protect all forms of folk art. We recognize the urgent need to protect the intangible cultural heritage for ourselves and future generations. In this respect, we support the 2003 UNESCO Convention on the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The terms “folk […]  More



We Seek: To establish an Indonesian literary translation center with Asian and European partners.

We Offer: Network of professional translators and authors.

Projects: Towards an Indonesian Literary Translation Centre


Inisiatif: Pusat Penerjemahan Sastra is an initiative that commits to tackle the main concerns for literary translation in Indonesia and pave the way towards establishing an Indonesian literary translation center. In 2012 we are holding literary translation workshops with European and Indonesian authors and translators, and a seminar discussing conditions for literary translation in Europe and Asia. In […]  More

Architects Association of Lithuania

Discipline:, , ,

We Seek: New collaboration opportunities with architects from Asia and Europe.

We Offer: Professional expertise in the field of architecture and urban development

Projects: East East 4 (


Architects Association of Lithuania (founded in 1924) unites Lithuanian architects having diploma of architectural education and a status of an Art creator (assigned by the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania).  More

New Zealand Book Council


The New Zealand Book Council promotes the love of books and reading, and aims to introduce communities and readers across the country and internationally to New Zealand’s literary wealth.  More

New Zealand Society of Authors


The New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc.) was established in 1934 and is the principal organisation working for New Zealand authors.  More

Publishers Assocation New Zealand


The Publishers Association of New Zealand (PANZ) is an independent membership organization that represents the publishing industry in New Zealand.  More

British Council New Zealand


British Council New Zealand connects aspirational young New Zealanders with contemporary UK, across the spheres of arts, creative industries, science and education. They work with local and international partners to showcase excellence, innovation and creativity.  More

Museums Aotearoa


Museums Aotearoa, Te Tari o Nga Whare Taonga o Te Motu, is New Zealand’s independent professional organisation for museums and those who work in, or have an interest in, museums.   More



Playmarket develop, support and represent New Zealand playwrights, and advocate for the continued growth of New Zealand theatre on stages in New Zealand Internationally.  More

Royal New Zealand Ballet


Royal New Zealand Ballet is New Zealand’s National Ballet Company. They perform an eclectic repertoire of outstanding dance, for national and international audiences.  More

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra


The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) is the national orchestra of New Zealand and has 90 full-time players.  More

New Zealand String Quartet


The New Zealand String Quartet was founded in 1987 and has forged a major career in the busy international chamber music field.  More

New Zealand Opera


New Zealand Opera is the face of professional opera in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Their mission is to bring human stories, glorious music and the passion of opera to all.  More

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