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ArtsEquator | Platform for Southeast Asia arts practices

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We Seek: Arts makers, partners, collaborators and sponsors who share the same belief in the value and significance of Southeast Asian art practices.

We Offer: Advertising platforms for organisations seeking visibility and exposure to arts lovers and the arts market in Singapore and the region. ArtsEquator Ltd provides quality writing and customised content for publicity on its website. 


ArtsEquator also offers partnership opportunities for like minded organisations who wish to promote Southeast Asia arts practices and/or arts writing and criticism. Our partners can benefit from brand association with the arts and Southeast Asia as well as platforms for dialogue with ArtsEquator’s target readers.  ArtsEquator Ltd is an arts media company that values and […]  More

Vernssage Art Gallery


We Seek: We seek for art connoisseurs, collectors, admirers, galleries, art fairs, art dealers, consultants

We Offer: Vernssage, an art consulting enterprise exists to promote art collection by simplifying your art acquisition experience. Our aim is to make art an intimate yet unparalleled part of your life, and help you enjoy, your evolution from an art admirer to an art connoisseur.


Wondrous, expansive, deeply rich, the global art world is an ocean; gauging its depths can be overpowering for art lovers and buyers, alike. Vernssage, an art consulting enterprise founded by Sunaina Magan, exists to promote art collection by simplifying your art acquisition experience. Our belief is that choosing and acquiring an artwork should be an […]  More

IoDeposito NGO


We Seek: This call aims at researching artistic contributions for the festival B#SIDE WAR on the issue of war. We are looking for artists interested on war themes such as captivity, prisons, multi-vocal and poly-focal vision of history, war memories, colonial wars and re-interpretation of war objects.

We Offer: We offer a prestigious space for exhibit artist's works in different galleries in Italy and Slovenia according to the festival's cultural events. The participation at the festival usually does not provide a fee for the artist. The participation covers the costs of transport, exhibition, media and press for each project/artwork selected.


The B#SIDE WAR is an artistic and cultural festival, diffused in 12 territories of Italy and Slovenia, thanks to artistic exhibitions and installations, performing, talks and conferences, researches and publications. The festival covers the area from the Mediterranean Sea to the Julian Alps, in addition, special events in Toronto (Canada), Kansas City (USA), Canberra (Australia), […]  More

Urban Gorillas

Discipline:, , , , , , , , , , ,

We Seek: International partners, with experience in project management of large-scale projects

We Offer: Proven ability to run a grant project from conceptualisation through to full implementation, including all aspects of project coordination, project management, design and production of creative collateral, communications and dissemination


Urban Gorillas (UG) is a non-profit organization run by a multi-disciplinary team of urban enthusiasts who envision healthy, creative and socially inclusive cities. UG contributes to sustainable urban living by creating projects and actions that bring new energy and instigate change in city spaces and communities. UG transforms public spaces into lively and innovative hubs, […]  More

Swayambhu Foundation


We Seek: Collaborators from any discipline for a creative outcome aiming entertainment and design as a larger area.

We Offer: A team of dedicated and innovative workers, collaborations with best tech institute e.g. (BITS Pilani), Creative solutions, Artistic exchanges, Production collaborations, Networking opportunities, Artists Residency at different parts of country, Performances Projects, Theatre Workshops, Master Classes with eminent theatre personalities.


Swayambhu Foundation is an organization which works with the holistic approach to Sustainable Total Development of humankind. It’s registered under the society registration act 1980 of India and works as Non-Government Organization. Organization’s core idea of work spins around 4 e, education, environment, employment and entertainment. Swayambhu Foundation is extensively active in theatre making, developing […]  More

Lakkos Artists Residency


We Seek: The artists residency is open to many disciplines. There is a focus on visual arts. We like to have artists come and work, but also to engage with the local community. At the end of the residency, artists can make presentations/ exhibitions, if they like. We also love artists to leave some work behind on the streets surrounding the residency. This is up to the individual artists. It is also fine to just come and do research and not make a project at the end of their stay. The cost is 150 Euros per week. Minimum stay is two weeks.

We Offer: The residency is artist run so we have many contacts in various disciplines in the city. We offer studio space, separate bedrooms. The kitchen is shared with maximum 5 artists.



The ‘Lakkos Artists Residency’ runs in conjunction with an urban regeneration project called, ‘The Lakkos Project’. The aim of both projects is to bring creativity and life back to a fascinating neighborhood, on the beautiful island of Crete. ‘The Lakkos Project’ is a community based project who works alongside the Municipality of Heraklion to improve the […]  More

Back ART

Discipline:, , , ,

We Seek: Connecting with creative collaborators about new opportunities to collaborate and make support to our ongoing and future multidisciplinary art projects. Cross Cultural collaboration opportunities, funding opportunities, promoting Dhaka Live Art Biennale.

We Offer: We offer Dhaka Live Art Biennale, space, accommodation and access. We offer collaboration with other organizations from the world in the following fields: Visual art, Curatorial, Live Art, Contemporary Art. We also offer dialogue on cultural exchange, knowledge about cross cultural collaboration, dissemination to a large network of artists in different parts of the world, as well as the possibilities of collaborating on events, exhibitions, promotions and publications in our network.


Back Art is an artist run art collective in Bangladesh. It is working on interdisciplinary and contemporary art language based on Bangladesh. Back Art is allowing young fellows into the new media art movement and promoting to the world art scene. The Back Art was founded in 2013 as a conduit for extraordinary art projects too ambitious […]  More

Sew Flunk Fury Wit


We Seek: Collaborators in the field of immersive theater and performance - Japan - China - Taiwan. We will co-produce our upcoming immersive theater performance The Fox Cave with collaborators from Japan, Taiwan and China. We seek co-producers and artists for this production building on the common use of the Fox as a metaphor in fable and mythology between our countries working with themes of the trickster operating in the post truth era

We Offer: We contribute in the financial and artistic part of this work and offer tour possibilities.


Sew Flunk Fury Wit is an awarded international orientated artists collective from Denmark. Awarded music-dramatic puppet and opera Dystopia perfromance STØV tours 2017-18. Next show CRASH  – a music-dramatic slowmotion carcrash is to premiere March 2018 and are involving innovative technological theater elements. The Fox Cave is set to premiere 2019-20 with international ambitions in […]  More

Makassar Biennale Foundation


We Seek: Artists and organizations who work with maritime theme

We Offer: Research and collaborations on Eastern Indonesia.


Makassar Biennale (MB) is a biennial international arts scene. Makassar Biennale as cultural activities and forums for the implementation of a series of work programs in accordance with the discourse by holding exhibitions, seminars, symposium, discussions, to publications; as well as educational space in the widest sense by opening an apprenticeship programs for the youth; […]  More

Ex-tra An Organization

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We Seek: Connecting with creative collaborators about new opportunities to collaborate and make support to our ongoing and future projects of the theatre arts domain.

We Offer: Collaborations and support mechanisms with our ongoing projects and future themes of theatre arts at our organization’s geography.


Ex-tra an Organisation (Experimental Theatre in Realistic Attitude) is a registered non-profit-organization located in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Organization focuses on orchestration of the idea of experimental & alternative theatre towards constructing transformation of the social action for consistency of the peace. We are developing theatre groups in remote places in India to create a […]  More

Asia Art Projects

Discipline:, , , , , ,

We Seek: Cross Cultural collaboration opportunities, funding opportunities, promote FOCUS Photography Festival

We Offer: - Access to contemporary art and artists network in Mumbai - Opportunities for jobs in Mumbai through our Indianartjobs website - Public art initiative - Mumbai art map, a cultural city wide guide


Asia Art Projects is an art agency founded by Elise Foster Vander Elst. We function as a social enterprise, aiming to tackle social problems and positively impact people’s lives through art and culture. We conceptualise and execute contemporary art projects with the aim of bringing visual art to the broader public and helping develop cross-cultural collaborations, be it through […]  More

Max Estrella

Discipline:, , ,

We Seek: We are looking for partners to start and develop an international exchange of artistic projects and exhibitions, promoting mobility, visibility and new business models for contemporary art galleries.

We Offer: The projects that will be carried out will emphasize concerns about the environmental, cultural and economic unsustainability of a failed system, at both national and international levels, relying on artists that respond to this severe crisis through their work. Galería Max Estrella has decided to create a new initiative in parallel with the existing institution. One of the exhibition rooms will host projects whose production and reproduction methods are based on social exchange, unfolding new possibilities of expression, analysis, cooperation and commitment. Proyectos Estrella aims to fill an existing gap in Spain’s art market with these unrepresented artistic practices. More and more artists are engaging with debates about territorial imbalance, transformation of the landscape, and environmental and economic crises.


Max Estrella looks for a balance on the exhibitions between well know artists and emergent artists. The objective of the project is to show actual artists out of their frontiers and to develop a permanent relations with international galleries or institutions. Max Estrella is working since its creation on the promotion of young artists, giving special […]  More

Phare Creative Studio, Cambodia

Discipline:, , , , , , , ,

We Seek: Strategic partner, investor, marketeer, collaborator, outsourcing agencies, trainers, volunteers, artistic director, sales manager, business manager, animation festival participation funding

We Offer: Space, equipment, skills and talents, school facilities, studio facilities, sound recording studios, residency


WHERE CREATIVITY GOES TO WORK Phare Creative Studio is a social business model operated by Phare Performing Social Enterprise. Nurturing Cambodia’s creativity and its artistic community, we gather talents to design fresh and innovative contents and bring your stories to life. Phare Creative Studio is an innovative social business model which pursues 3 complimentary social […]  More

art quarter budapest

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We Seek: We are looking for artists from various disciplines to come to art quarter budapest and develop their creative projects within our international Artist-in-Residence Program.

We Offer: Artist-in-Residence Program



Description of organisation art quarter budapest (aqb) is an interdisciplinary contemporary arts and cultural center located in Budapest’s 22nd district. aqb offers an international Artist-in-Residence Program, studios for local artists, exhibitions, performances and other cultural activities, all which seek to combine the creative with the intellectual to provide a forum of engagement with relevant social […]  More

Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI)


We Seek: Festival collaborators, associations and avenues for partnership under the aegis of cinema

We Offer: A film festival with the best of cinema from across India and the world, as well as competition sections that are open for entries. We also have a year-round programme that enables us to programme cinema-related activities throughout the year.


The Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI) is a public trust set up in 1997 that organizes the annual international film festival in Mumbai known as the Mumbai Film Festival (MFF). The main intention was to organize an annual international film festival of which the film industry and the country can be proud of. MAMI aims to foster a […]  More

WING Platform for Performance


We Seek: WING is a platform for performance founded in 2014. The organisation has a special interest in practitioners whose work is situated in the hybrid field between performing arts and visual arts and focuses on development rather than production.

We Offer: In 2018 WING will organise a series of international residency projects that function as a laboratory for artists from various backgrounds, aiming at a cross-pollination between Hong Kong artists and artist from abroad in dialogue with the environment and local community. For this project we would like to collaborate with partners in Europe and Asia.


WING is a Hong Kong based non-profit organisation for performance founded in 2015 by Leslie Van Eyck focusing on the crossover between dance, visual art, theatre and other hybrid art practices. WING aims to create a unique platform to nourish local micro-cosmoses through residencies, performances, artist talks, workshops and more. WING acts as platform between the […]  More

Mumbai Art Room


We Seek: Young artists, curators and art practitioners

We Offer: Opportunities and open calls for curating exhibition.


Mumbai Art Room was founded in 2011 by Susan Hapgood and was registered officially as the Contemporary Arts Trust with the Charity Commissioner’s Office of the State of Maharashtra in 2012. It exhibits contemporary art, design, and visual culture from around the world and provides a non-commercial platform for artistic and curatorial practice, one that […]  More

e x t a n t a n t i o n


We Seek: We invite artists who are in a state of constant flux; who do not belong in well defined categories; experimental and ritual/folk performers; Women; trans* (as in gender), queer, working-class, artists/activists/writers/communities; people with disabilities; those who are dispossessed, disempowered and displaced: to create, perform, speak and dialogue at  e x t a n t a t i o n.

We Offer: Experimental live art events, project development and residencies.


. a place where magic is retrieved; where being lost means being found and vice-versa . e x t a n t a t i o n  is a space in the Northern Thai city of Chiang Mai where conversations on art occur from a critical and poetic perspective in the form of events and […]  More



We Seek: The chance to share our projects: art exhibitions, theater shows, publications, audio-visual works, training and residency programs. The aim of our organization is to encourage artistic mobility and the promotion of artists on an international scale.

We Offer: kaninchenhaus is an artist-run organisation, which works actively – and independently – for the activation of shared processes and the redefinition of the role of the artist in society.



kaninchenhaus is a non-profit organization established in October 2009 in Turin, within the area of Porta Palazzo. It is active in the field of contemporary art and culture both at a local and international level. kaninchenhaus produces and organizes art exhibitions, theater shows, publications, audio-visual works, training and residency programs with the aim to encourage artistic mobility and […]  More

Mugi dance


We Seek: Artist (dance, music, performing arts, puppet) to participate at International Rain Festival 2018 (13,14 of Jan). Its festival to celebrate rain as a blessing from the sky, outdoor performance for all ages.

We Offer: Organizer provides modest accommodation in studio, food along festival (Buffet), press coverage, radio talk show, networking, If needed, can provide local student to collaborate with.


Mugi dance founded by renowned choreographer, Mugiyono Kasido in 1992. Based in Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia, the works were present around the world, also creating collaboration between nation. Since 2015, Mugi dance runs International Rain Festival (IRF) in Mugi dance studio complex. In 2016, Mugi dance ran Asian Festival with support from Japan foundation and […]  More

The Arts Territory Exchange


We Seek: We are seeking collaboration with arts organisations interested in our remit who may be able to help us to connect with artists in Asia; this may be through the dissemination of information about our programme to your social networks, collaborating with us on organising international events and exhibitions or opening up a dialogue with us about place/space/territory and their place within our respective artistic cultures.

We Offer: We can offer dialogue on cultural exchange, knowledge about cross cultural collaboration, dissemination to a large network of artists in different parts of the world, as well as the possibilities of collaborating on events and exhibitions and publications.


The Arts Territory Exchange is an organisation which pairs up artists across the world from diverse locations and opens up a space within which to generate new ideas around personal territories and topographies through long distance collaborative correspondences. We also host events, bringing together exchange participants and helping them to realise their collaborations in the […]  More



We Seek: We seek that everybody supports us to promote our culture by our folk dance and folk dress. We want to show our rich Punjabi culture to the world and gain other cultures.

We Offer: We offer to the festivals our dance group, we need good festivals to show our dance.


Bhangra Desire International Folk Art Club is a dance club , Bhangra desire established in september 2012 and registered in 2016, till now approximately 50 members join us ,where the Boys and Girls give Performances of Punjabi Dance Bhangra,Gidha , jaago, Luddi, Lady Sangeet, jhoomer etc. on corporate and family events like opening of Companies, […]  More

Asia Culture Center (ACC)

Discipline:, , , , , , , , ,

We Seek: The ACC is an international arts and cultural exchange organization, which produces new and future-oriented results through the convergence of Asia’s past and present arts and culture, innovative ideas and beliefs.

We Offer: At the ACC, diverse and dynamic programs (exhibitions, performances, education, festivals and other events) using collected research data and resources, etc. are held year-round with the creative output of experts from various fields who have exchanged inspiration with one another.


The ACC is an international arts and cultural exchange organization, which produces new and future-oriented results through the convergence of Asia’s past and present arts and culture, and innovative ideas and beliefs. Having the context of artistically sublimating the significance of the May 18th Democratic Movement’s human rights and peace as its point of departure, […]  More



We Seek: MiklagårdArts seeks for intercultural collaborations between the North and overseas art scenes with the aim of strengthening the cultural interaction.

We Offer: Tailor-made intercultural collaborations • Educational projects • Curated portfolio projects • Intercultural interaction platforms • Management


MiklagardArts is an initiator, facilitator, and connector between Finland and overseas markets with the aim of strengthening the cultural interaction and intercultural collaborations. It was founded in September 2015 by an experienced cultural producer Ceyda Söderblom and an established artist Erik Söderblom for creating tailor-made ideas and promoting interesting, chosen projects in a variety of […]  More

School of Critical Thinking

Discipline:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We Seek: We are looking for collaborators for our different programs, as a resource persons or presentations to our patrons.

We Offer: We are creating social capital in Goa, India. We have discerning audience who are curious to know about, learn about contemporary issues critically and we organise these events and master classes.


6 Assagao Events is creating a pro-active and pragmatic community with socio cultural events such as documentary/art house/independent cinema screening and discussions, artists presentations, lecture demonstrations on various subjects, acoustic music, book launches, magnet theatre, poetry performances, spoken word, talk shows, play readings etc, in Assagao, Goa. The idea is to create a platform of […]  More



We Seek: Contemporary dance choreographers looking for artistic residency

We Offer: The festival offers artistic residencies to choreographers through the call Essere Creativo. The call is online on the website


Hangartfest is a non profit organization recognized and sustained by the Municipality of Pesaro and the Regione Marche (Italy). Since 2004, it has organised an annual festival that takes place in September in Pesaro and presents independent contemporary choreographers and performers from all over Europe through an international call published at the beginning of the […]  More

Gyeonggi Creation Center


We Seek: It is looking for artist's exchanges as artist-in-residence in all artistic mediums, including performing arts and local revitalization.

We Offer: Gyeonggi Creation Center is the biggest artist-in-residence facility in Korea. It can offer studio, technical supports and exhibit opportunities for foreign artists.


It is located at Ansan city in Gyeonggi province, adjacent to Seoul.  The center is run by Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, a subsidiary of Gyeonggi Provincial Government. It is the largest artist residence facility in Korea.  More

Asociatia Casa Arte

Discipline:, , , , , , , , , , , ,

We Seek: We look for partners, artists and other creatives to come in residence to Bucharest. We also look for organizations world wide with more experience then us, to become partners, in order to learn and grow.

We Offer: We would like to offer our collaboration with other organisations from the world. In the following fields: art, photography, music, writing, curatorial, body expression through dance, yoga.


Asociation Casa Arte is a cultural non-profit organisation, founded in 2014, based in Bucharest, Romania, Europe, which is aiming to provide a framework for continuous learning, experiment and research in each field of contemporary art but also as a trans-cultural and trans-discipline dialogue. We are an artist run space, with art classes, exhibitions, art residency and a […]  More



We Seek: Collaboration with organizations across Europe and Asia, partners to run innovative educational programs with, collaborators for our H2020 European grant application.

We Offer: Access to our network of arts organizations and other partners, process-based residencies for artists, flexible model for nomadic residencies.


The Becomebecome programme for art residencies and masterclasses was established by artists and researchers  who believe radical innovation needs a syncretic approach that crosses national boundaries and triggers new initiatives between traditionally separate disciplines, participants, and diverse social actors. At its core, Becomebecome is a process-based nomadic methodology that transforms barriers into unique collaboration opportunities. Our projects could […]  More


Discipline:, , , , , ,

We Seek: Take up an opportunity to challenge yourself within the inspiring art scene of South East Asia; gaining valuable skills that can be transferred to the international art world in the blossoming creative hub of Ho Chi Minh City

We Offer: As an art studio run by qualified, practicing artists: VinSpace provides a unique, hands on approach to teaching art for all ages and abilities. Our 6 months internship offers extensive knowledge in administration and teaching with the chance for you to bring your own practice and knowledge to the table.


Welcome to VinSpace, Saigons first boutique “studio” based art studio. Established in 2009, VinSpace has developed into one of the leading studios in Vietnam, opening doors to both Saigon and the international art community. Our team is made up of international practicing artists, from sculptors, printers and textile designers, they are on hand to help […]  More

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