‘Yellow Matters’


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‘Yellow Matters’

The long-term curatorial project of SOMA Art Gallery Berlin aims to promote Asian
Backgrounded Women Artist through their art.
It will be mainly consist of serial solo shows from Berlin based Asian – backgrounded
women artists. Technically Asians are 60% of the world population and Asia is full of
diversity, although the Western world fails to recognize the world’s largest ethnic
group as it is. ‘Nihao’ on the street sometimes casually ‘Ching chang chong’ on your
back, or even from ‘Thailand? – which does mean that they are looking down asian
women as general as a fetish, sexist objects – are not merely for one or two Asian
women’s problem which they go through their everyday’s life. Everyday’s racism
against Asian women are not really heard in Germany since our voice is missing.
‘Yellow Matters has selected 7 Asian – backgrounded women artists who’s work is
mainly focused on the identity – collision derived from their immigration. The
immigration are made cause of better life seeking but also by adoption.
Some of them are even grown up in Western world although their perception of
identity as an Asian withdraw huge everyday’s racism on them. Compared to Arab
immigration Asians quite considered quiet, well -adjusted immigrants group but, in
this merging German society, their voice is too little and unheard. ‘Yellow Matters’ s
purpose is to be heard, representing our thought and voice to German society which is
now becoming real metropole of true diversity.

Selected Artists List
Gulnur Mukazhanova  Kazakhstan / Berlin
Wu Zhi  CN / Berlin
Tian Tian Wang  CN / Berlin
Kate Hers Rhee  KR-USA / Berlin
Grace Euna Kim  KR-USA / Berlin
Phung Tran Minh Vietnam / Berlin
Lena Chen  USA / Berlin


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