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Call for Contributions – Hidden Lines of Space
4 research and exhibition contributions

Hidden Lines of Space is a research project focussing on the floor plan as medium of depiction as well as conception. HLOS is interested in the potential of its artistic use and / or questioning.
The latent invisibility and omnipresence, the language and narrations, the formative and cultural dimensions of the floor plan lay at the core of the project. The accompanying questions raised are architectural, political, sociological, psychological, emotional and performative, c.f.: What does a place signify? Which movements, sequences of movements and what kind of thinking does it support? Which concept of humanity is inherent to a floor plan and who designed it for whom?
Our ambition is to hone the perception of the semantic peculiarities of the floor plan and the interdependency of human and living space.

The research conducted until summer 2017 will be made public in a research exhibition at Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin consisting of archival and textual material, artistic contributions as well as the 4 research and exhibition contributions we are calling for. HLOS is a long-term project working towards a bigger scale exhibition in 2018.
Through this call for contributions we hope to foster dialogue and exchange as well as to broaden and multiply perspectives.
What we can offer you is a small fee, the presentation in Berlin and further engagement in the project if you are interested.

400,- € fee (incl. taxes, etc.)
100,- € available for shipping or production on site

This call for contributions is interdisciplinary: artists, theoreticians, architects, performers, dancers, writers, …

Application / proposal:
– written description of your interest in the topic and your proposal (max. 500 words) and / or other forms of description/presentation
– images or other forms of examples of previous work (max. 3)
– brief information on yourself to give us an idea of the context of your interest

You may also propose existing work.
Please keep in mind the context outlined in the introduction and the financial framework.

We are looking forward to your proposals!
Please send as pdf to: until April 30, 2017
Hidden Lines of Space is a project by Annette Hans & Julia Horstmann
Supported by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds

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