Karigari Festive Lounge – India Revisited


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This event brings together for the first time, five upcoming Indian design houses based in London. With a common ethos of supporting and helping to revive lost craft traditions from India we have formed this collective to showcase the exquisite work of the artisans of India.We will be bringing you a beautiful mix of handmade silver & gemstone jewellery handmade in London with silver sourced primarily from India, hand painted home decor and hand woven textile from various parts of India portraying the many diverse textile traditions of the Indian subcontinent. Each article has been personally created by the designers to showcase the best of craftsmanship and to elevate your festive wearEach of the designers has endeavoured to source all their wares from ethical sources and brought their individual design sensibilities to their work. Truly a rare opportunity to see some stunning craft work from India under one roof!


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