International Residency for 2017


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Barim seeks international artists to join our residency program.

This year, Barim would like to invite research-based contemporary artists in all genres such as visual art, performing art, curatorial, film, design, research, music, critic, and more. Since the period of the residency is rather short (1 month and half), we would like to invite artists who can utilize specific timeline and space to pursue research and practice rather than the quality of final work and detailed development of previous works. We would like to share your research theme, process, and your artistic answers to it with fellow artists and audience.

This residency will be held with the residency program for Koreans, thus international artists will live and work with local artists.


BARIM is a cross-genre collective of artists who are based in Gwangju, currently a media space, working studio, and open art district in Gwangju, Korea. Opens in Spring 2014, from abstract to physical genres of the arts.


Barim, Gwangju, Korea


May 1 – June 15
Final showcase: June 10 (Sat)


We offer free accommodation for artists. A 3-bed room house will be offered to all participating artists. A single room will be offered to an individual artist with shared bathroom and kitchen. Our in-studio budget will cover flyers, posters, and etc. We offer translation as well.

Unfortunately, we are self-funded small space so no traveling budget will be offered. Also materials and living expenses are up to artists, but Barim will offer basic materials and equipment such as a projector, camcorder, light, speaker, and etc.


We are looking for artists/curators/researchers/musicians/choreographers/performers/critics who want to create a research-based work, who are able to make an artistic proposal and responsible in producing a work, bringing a new perspective to our space, Gwangju, or contemporary art. We expect participating artists to be a good communicator, living and working collaboratively with others. Open to all artistic media, all ages, all gender, all education level and career level.

You can apply as a duo, collective, or team, but will get the same support as an individual (such as a room).

For the application, please submit: (PDF or WORD)

  • Proposal (with project description, date, duration, and outcomes) :
  • CV
  • Portfolio (Website would work if it is with enough explanation)
  • Any special needs such as an elevator

All should be submitted before 11PM MARCH 31 (KOREAN TIME) to You will get our answer by April 3 personally to your email.


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