Call for applications | Artel 2017 at TIFA Working Studios, Pune, India


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TIFA Working Studios invites ten artists and one critic-in-residence for Artel 2017, an annual four week residency housed in an erstwhile Art Deco hotel in Pune, India. This open call is dedicated for, but not limited to, artists, architects, filmmakers, designers, performing artists, illustrators, photographers, researchers, writers and interdisciplinary practitioners to experiment, challenge and collaborate during their time here.

-The residency offers a production budget, per diems, food and shared accommodation.
-Travel grants for participating artists are considered on a case by case basis. There is limited funding available for supporting travel.
-Each participating artist is expected to contribute one artwork to the residency.

During the residency each artist will have a presentation of their previous works and works in progress. The residency culminates with an open studio on 4th & 5th March, 2017. The artists’ presentations and the open studios are both open to the public.

Artel 2017: The Futures of the Past
5th February to 5th March, 2017

(Accepting applications until 20th November, 2016)

We at the TIFA Working Studios deal with the time that has passed, the time that is passing and the time that is yet to come. The current time is the future of the time that has passed. The current moment will never recur again. But the current moment is a constantly transient element of our environment and to grasp it we have to be reflexive. We have to be conscious and aware, else the moment can pass before we realise it.

To design the future that we desire, we need clairvoyance as well as a kind of historiography that does not weigh us down with its legacy. The dance between this clairvoyance and the mindful hindsight is the potential that this moment can realise.

The Future of the Past is a frame that we are constructing for channelising our intentions, reflecting on time, process, improvisation, serendipity, desires and creating works from the contemporary sediments of the passing time.

Please upload the following documents in a single PDF to ‘
-Artist’s Bio and C.V.
-Images of your work with descriptions and additional web links
-Letter of Recommendation

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