AUDITION: Youth Dance Project 2017


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Youth Dance Project is an intensive dance programme that is highly stimulating creative and artistic learning environment. Through weekly training, workshops, performances, and networking, we aim to inspire, nurture & broaden the horizons of young people who has a passion for dance.

A collaboration between Living Arts Dance Studio (Malaysia) with Lau Beh Chin, a renowned Malaysian dancer and choreographer, and many other international artistes are set to promote and provide a balanced and comprehensive dance training education.

There will be cultural dances, butoh, jazz, ballet, contemporary, stage management, stage make-up and etc. This program will be conducted every Sunday at 2.30pm-5pm in Living Arts Dance Studio.

To participate, candidates are required to AUDITION on March 5 & 12.

For enquiries, contact 012 735 7244 or

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