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VinSpace are seeking innovative and enthusiastic creatives to join our team in May/June!

Take up an opportunity to challenge yourself within the inspiring art scene of South East Asia; gaining valuable skills that can be transferred to the international art world in the blossoming creative hub of Ho Chi Minh City.

As an art studio run by qualified, practicing artists: VinSpace provides a unique, hands on approach to teaching art for all ages and abilities. Our 6 months internship offers extensive knowledge in administration and teaching with the chance for you to bring your own practice and knowledge to the table.

The studio hosts a wide range of art events around the city, offering our interns the chance to work with exciting innovators, contributing to the unique transformation of the creative and social scene, gaining knowledge of what Saigon truly has to offer.

Applicants must have graduated at least 6 months prior to applying for the position and clearly demonstrate past experiences and knowledge of working within the art world, preferably with a good knowledge of administrative processes. Applicants will be considered on a case-by- case basis.

Please note that candidates must be able to commit to the internship for the full 6 month period stated.

To apply, send your CV and 500 words, stating why you wish to join us to

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