AiR opportunity @ The Auxiliary, North Yorkhire, England


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The Auxiliary is set in the ideal place for artists focussing on art practices that are bold, experimental and challenging. With its distinctive landscape of abandoned steelworks, chemical plants, coast and moors, the Tees Valley offers artists a unique perspective into the heart of a post industrial England.

Here, time and space is provided for artists to challenge, develop and expand their ideas. The atmosphere is relaxed and inclusive, the large townhouse serving as both home and work space. To us, food is just as important as art. We supply some of our own food from the veggie garden, and meals and discussions are regularly enjoyed and shared by local and visiting artists.

During their stay, artists are welcome to take part our regular performance nights or host their own events. The spaces at The Auxiliary are interchangeable, from workspace to gallery to pop-up cinema to performance area, and we encourage input from our artists in residence.



Although a complete project from the residents isn’t a stipulation of the residency, the organizers do encourage residents to leave some trace of their residency in the form of documentation.

Application guidelines

Please submit all information in a single PDF:

  • Name

  • Email and Website

  • Project description/Practice description

  • C.V.

  • Biography

  • Images of previous work

  • Links to audio/video works

  • Preferred dates

Deadline: November 1st 2016

For more details please visit our website.

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